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Hoisting Restrictions

Imageof a 1B Hoisting Restriction Machinery (Crane)
Image of Hoisting Restriction 2A (Excavator)
Image of 3A Hoisting Restriction Equipment (Overhead Cranes)
Image of Class 4 Restriction Equipment

Courses are held several times per month in Braintree, MA, Exit 6 off Rte. 128, or they can be held at your own facility. Most courses are approximately 6 hours long; however some may vary due to class size and current curriculum being covered.


Our instructors are industry professionals with over a quarter of a century of experience in operations and training on construction equipment.

Course Descriptions
1B Hoisting License Restriction


Hoisting Restriction

A hoisting license restriction 1B covers all hydraulically operated cranes with a telescoping boom with a wire rope. This course covers all of the Department of Public Safety rules and regulations, hand signals, wire ropes, slings, load charts and several practice questions and answers. In addition, this 1B hoisting restriction will allow you to operate all of the 1C hoisting restriction equipment.

This course also offers practice testing covering everything you need for a complete education to prepare for the Department of Public Safety State Hoisting Exam. Each student will be supplied with the Department of Public Safety’s Hoisting License application and instructions on how to properly fill this application out.


After completing this course and studying the material, students will feel confident that they are ready to take the State’s 1B Hoisting License exam.

2A/1C Massachusetts Hoisting Restriction

2A/1C (2B, 2C)

Hoisting Restriction

2A - This license covers the operation of all crawler and rubber tired excavators and backhoes. This license covers the operation of equipment listed in classes 2B and 2C. Knowledge of hand signals for controlling crawler/excavator operations is essential, as provided in this regulation.

2B - This license covers combination loader/backhoe machines. This license covers the operation of equipment listed in class 2C.


2C - This license covers front end loaders, bobcats & uni-loaders.


This course begins with a discussion of the Department of Public Safety’s requirements regarding the State Hoisting License exam. The discussion of the State exam includes the application and how to complete this form.


Next we cover violations and fines, the State 520:CMR:600 rules and regulations, laws governing hoisting, and hand signals. We also prepare you with over 150 questions and answers which could potentially be found on the State’s exam.


We conclude with four practice exams, two hand signal exams, and two 20 question essay exams. After completing this one day, five hour course you will be well prepared to take the Department of Public Safety’s State Hoisting License exam.

3A Hoisting License Restriction


Hoisting Restriction

This Hoisting License 3A will allow you to operate any electric overhead lifting machine that can lift over 10 feet or more than 500 lbs.

This is a five hour preparation course and will cover all of the Massachusetts Department of Public Safety’s rules and regulations, hand signals, cables, and slings. There will also be sample questions and answers to assist you in preparing for the State 3A Hoisting License exam.

Class 4 Hoisting License Restriction

Class 4

Hoisting Restriction

We offer training in all class 4 restrictions


  • Class 4B Drill Rigs

  • Class 4C Pipeline Side Booms

  • Class 4D Concrete Pumpers

  • Class 4E Catch Basin Cleaners

  • Class 4F Sign Hanging Equipment

  • Class 4G Specialty Lawn Mowers


In the class 4 hoisting preparation class we will cover the application for the Massachusetts’s Department of Public Safety’s State exam. We cover fines and violations, rules and regulations, hand signals, cables, and the proper use of clamps and thimbles.


This course will cover sample questions and answers related to all of the equipment within the class 4 restriction. We finish up with a practice exams.


After completing this course you will be well prepared for the any Massachusetts Class 4 Hoisting Exam.

1B Hoisting Restriction
2A Hoisting Restriction
3A Hoisting Restriction
Class 4 Hoisting Restrictions
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