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Dear John,


My name is Derik and I took your class and I just wanted to let you know that you did an outstanding job in teaching me the right stuff for the exam. I studied hard after the class and when I took the test and I had a positive attitude and felt very confident. Upon checking my results I received an 80. I can’t thank you enough for teaching me the skills that I needed in order to pass the exam.


Thanks again!


Massachusetts Hoisting License

I’m Ledimar and I just want to say I passed the test on March 29.  I had 73 points.  I am the Brasilian guy from Rockland.  Thanks and have a good night.  I am happy. - Ledimar


Hi John, I took the early January 2A/1C class and just got the results, 90 on the 1C and 80 on the 2A. No way I would of passed either of these tests without your class.  - Thanks, Marty 


Your class was great! All you need to do is study the information \"daily\" and you should pass. I got an 88! - David 


Hi John I have just received the test results and I'm proud to say I passed with an 88% thank you for your help the class is deff the reason I passed, I will probably be seeing u soon for the 4A! Thanks again. - Mike


John, passed no problem after taking your class, three of us signed up for your class but i was the only one to show up the other two guys failed the test. Your class is a must. - Peter


I took the 2A/1C class in November just checked the test results my grade was a 92%.  Thank You John Deluca. - JP


Great job the class was outstanding. I had so much confidence after taking the test I knew I had passed before I left the room. - Thanks again, Frank. 


I PASSED.... Your class was fantastic - I learned everything I needed to know - Not bad for a master carpenter. Thanks for all your help. I would recommend you to anyone looking to get their hoisting license.  - Jason 


Hi John, my name is Steve and I was in your March 6 prep class for the 1C/2A hoisting license, I got the results from the test and got a 90 so I just wanted to thank you for your help.  - Thanks, Steve.

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