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Attracting and Retaining Qualified Workers

To leverage the playing field, many agencies have begun to offer training to existing employees and apprenticeship programs for new hires. By defining a career path, agencies are opening doors to opportunities and a place for individuals to build their careers.

Edgewater Career Training has been working with municipal agencies throughout Massachusetts offering Hoisting License Preparation Courses and Hoisting License - Continuing Education Courses throughout the pandemic. Their level of service to their students is immeasurable, especially given the discounted rates in which they provide to municipal agencies. By purchasing pre-paid codes, municipal agencies are saving funds and advancing their employees career growth!

Imag of Equipment Plowing Snow

The Edgewater Career Training preparation course is designed to prepare employees for the Massachusetts State Hoisting License exam offered by the Massachusetts Department of Public Safety. Edgewater offers courses for all the restrictions including 1B, 2A/1C, 3A, 4E/4G, and all courses for 4 restrictions. Their professional staff will work with agencies to customize any of the courses to fit the needs of the organization.

Edgewater Career Training’s continuing education courses are all approved by the Massachusetts Department of Public Safety and are required for all hoisting machinery operators to renew their license. Continuing education is required before every two-year renewal of all hoisting license restrictions held.

By creating an environment that provides education and training opportunities within your organization, you are well on your way to creating a successful succession plan. For more information about Edgewater Career Training, visit or call (617) 816-8099.

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