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Pre-paid COVID-19 Free Hoisting License Continuing Education Class

Edgewater Career Training offers pre-paid access codes for your employees to take their online hoisting license continuing education classes in a COVID-19 free environment. This pre-paid program allows your company to purchase codes for your employees to take a hoisting renewal class and print out the required certificate from the comfort of their homes or your office.

Benefits of Purchasing Codes

  • Ability to track an employee’s progress

  • No need for timely reimbursements

  • Save administrative costs

  • Its clean, safe and COVID free

  • Codes are good for up to one year

  • Easy website access

  • Employees can revisit our website to finish their class as many times as necessary for no additional cost

  • Customer support

  • Each code comes with website navigation

Keep your employees on track and COVID free with our online courses. Place your order today by emailing!

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