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Build a Concrete Team of Operators

As a business owner or a project manager having an efficient crew plays a critical role when it comes to keeping a project on schedule and within budget. The leadership you provide to your team can easily lead to a boost in productivity and profits for your organization.

As the construction industry faces a shortage of qualified skilled workers and a $1.6 trillion productivity gap, building a foundation for a successful team starts long before you break ground on a new project. There has been a widespread issue of not being able to find qualified employees in the construction industry, causing a widespread shortage. One way to combat this issue is to provide employees with career growth. By providing your team with opportunities to upgrade their skill set, you are providing them with a path to a healthy future.

Edgewater Career Training provides Massachusetts Hoisting License Courses for 1B, 2A/1C, 3A, 4E/G and all 4 restrictions. Our professional staff will work with your organization to customize any of our courses to fit the need of your organization. We also offer continuing education courses for all restrictions. These courses are required by the Massachusetts Department of Public Safety for all Hoisting Machinery operators to renew their license. Continuing Education is required prior to the two-year renewal of all Hoisting Restrictions held by an individual. All of Edgewater Career Training continuing education courses are all approved by the Massachusetts Department of Public Safety.

When your employees feel part of your organization’s larger plan, they become more invested in your company boosting their contribution to the overall success of the business. At Edgewater Career Training, we work with municipalities, contractors, and many other organizations providing their employees with the training they need to advance their careers.

Build a concrete team of operators, that are invested in the growth of your organization. Contact us at (617) 816-8099 or to schedule a Massachusetts Hoisting License Preparation Course or to purchase access codes of your employees to take their online Hoisting License Continuing Education Courses.

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