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Attracting and Growing Talent

What contractors need to know...

It is becoming increasingly difficult to attract and grow talent in the construction industry. Our growing economy combined with our failing infrastructure has increased the demand for an educated, skilled and experienced workforce.

Contractors are facing many challenges recruiting quality candidates. Now more than ever, it is critical to offer your employees a robust development program. Investing in your employees through education and training is an opportunity for success that you simply cannot afford to ignore. Sustain your current capacity and realize your strategic growth by investing in your employees.

Edgewater Career Training's Massachusetts Hoisting License Preparation Course is designed to prepare students for the Massachusetts Department of Public Safety's hoisting license exam. We offer courses for all of the restrictions including 1B, 2A/1C, 3A, 4E/4G and all class 4 restrictions. Our professional staff will work with you to customize any of our courses to fit your needs or the needs of your organization.

Edgewater Career Training also offers continuing education courses that are approved by the Massachusetts Department of Public Safety.  These courses are required by the Massachusetts Department of Public Safety for all Hoisting Machinery operators to renew their license. Continuing Education courses must be complete prior to renewing your license every two years for all Hoisting License Restrictions held.  For more information visit the Massachusetts Department of Public Safety Website.

Our instructors are industry professionals with over a quarter of a century of experience in operations and training on construction equipment. At Edgewater, we provide each student with the knowledge and study materials to pass the Massachusetts Department of Public Safety’s Hoisting License exam.  Companies can purchase prepaid access codes for continuing education courses for their employees and bulk packages. Edgewater Career Training also offers exclusive active military and veteran pricing. Visit our class schedule [] for more information.

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